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Experience harmony, as it should be

strategie, concept en ontwerp | Unborn

Our beautiful home,
our only resource,
our opportunities today.

This is our life full of other life,
this is our greatest responsibility,
this is our place and all we need.

Full of amazing adventures,
full of unforgettable discoveries,
full of things we capture and live.

Where a peak breaks through the horizon,
where the wind guides you to a new path,
where clouds float gently under your feed.

When you start to understand,
when you feel the inspiration,
when you make the connection.

You choose to regenerate,
you want to reshape and recreate,
you make stand for the unborn potential.

Like a wolf leading a pack,
like a wolf fighting for survival,
like a wolf finding its way back

It’s our only way,
it’s the unborn way,
it’s our legacy.

Embrace no waste and no cover-ups,
embrace to recycle and upcycle,
embrace to care for all life.

Wear the true nature of quality,
wear a pure and sustainable design,
wear the future of the unborn.

Experience harmony, as it should be.


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